Tapestry's First Bible Study!

On Wednesday 26th September at 7pm, Tapestry Church will be launching our first Bible Study! Why should you come? Why invite your friends? Because regularly diving into Scripture is one really tangible way that God forms and shapes us into God's likeness. Doing this alongside other people weaves us together as family, through the work of the Holy Spirit. Getting together like this also gives us an easy opportunity to invite our friends, neighbors, co-workers to get a taste of what God has to offer them and the world. Showing up to a bible study is often less intimidating than coming to church on a Sunday, so be thinking of one or two people you might want to invite to come with you!

When we are together, we will be working our way through the book of Galatians. This is a book written by Paul to people who are having a hard time remembering that their salvation is founded in God's promise, not in their own religious achievements. Galatians is a book full of writing about how Christians are to live a life full of the freedom we get from Christ - a freedom found not in the law, or in unhindered liberty to do whatever we want, but in walking toe to toe with Jesus, led by the Holy Spirit.

To help guide our explorations, we will be using a book called "Galatians For You" by Tim Keller. These books will be provided by Tapestry and distributed at the first Bible Study gathering. That means we need you to please sign up so we have enough books for you! We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday!

Sign up here!

Catherine Evans-Smith