Creating Ideas to Catalyze Action for the Common Good

There’s a common story throughout churches in North America when it comes to doing good in the neighborhood. The people say, “We want to do something good in our community!” Then, the leaders go and decide what that good thing is, and try and rally people behind it. Inevitably, only a small percentage of people have the right combination of passion, availability and giftedness for that kind of work.

The leaders are left tired and frustrated.

The people are left frustrated as well, with all kinds of untapped energy.

And worst of all, the community is left with far less actual support than it needs.

The Bible tells us in Ephesians 4 that leaders in the church are meant to equip God’s people for works of service. But does that mean they have to decide on and run programs? Maybe sometimes, but not always. What if churches resourced their people to do the work in their community that the people are passionate about, gifted for, and on their schedule?

That’s what we’re attempting to accomplish with our Micro Ministry Grants (Click HERE to apply). It’s a pretty simple idea, with a potentially huge impact:

  1. Create an idea.

  2. Partner with at least two other Tapestry Church folks.

  3. Apply for resources

  4. Serve your neighbors.

  5. Tell the story of how God showed up during or through your good work.

But the first two steps can be pretty challenging. Understanding an issue in the community well enough to create something meaningful, having the creativity to generate ideas that would impact the community for the better, and figuring out who to partner with in your efforts can feel like daunting challenges.

That’s why we are hosting our first Lunch, Learn, & Launch this Saturday, October 27th at 12pm at 1200 Lakeshore Avenue, Apt 18-C. All you need to do is come. Bring with you the passions, the skills, and the knowledge you already have. Combined with the wisdom and creativity of others, and a little research we’ve done for you in advance, you’ll discover ideas and partners for the work.

Our hope? That you would be equipped for the good work God has called you to do in our beloved Town.

Kyle Brooks