The Spirit’s Goal for the Spirit’s Gifts

If you don’t have love, the Bible says your best efforts are worthless in the grand scheme of things. Listen to find out the centrality, character and constancy of Love and how it connects to our spiritual gifts.

Kyle Brooks
Many Gifts, One Body

What happens when you have such a diversity of gifts in one group? Often times people and churches get torn apart. But the apostle Paul says it is the very thing God planned to bring us together.

Bernard Emerson
The Spirit’s Gifts

What does it actually mean to be “gifted”? And what’s the difference between natural talents and spiritual gifts? What does any of that matter for my relationship with God and growth in my faith? This week we launch a 5 week journey into the spiritual gifts, discovering what they are, what they are for, and what they result in. 

Kyle Brooks
Sacrificial Generosity

Jesus calls us to live a life of sacrificial generosity, in response to the sacrificial generosity that he showed us, in going to the cross to redeem and restore relationship with humanity and the world. Pastoral apprentice, Catherine Evans-Smith explores how Jesus, in calling us to this life of sacrificial generosity, is more concerned with how we give, than he is what we give. 

Catherine Evans-Smith
Intelligent Generosity

Today more than ever we are bombarded every day with opportunities to be generous. From GoFundMe pages to panhandlers, it's sometimes overwhelming to know who to give to, where to draw the line, and how to give in a way that doesn't hurt. In this sermon, Pastor Kyle shows us how Jesus' parable of the bags of gold has wisdom for our every questions of generosity.

Kyle Brooks
Joyful Generosity

Do churches really need to talk about money? Why did Jesus talk about finances so much? In this sermon, Pastor Bernard shares how the joyfulness of Jesus’ generosity toward us should impact our generosity toward others. 

Bernard Emerson
Holistic Generosity

No one wants to be a stingy person, right? But how do we become more generous in every aspect of our lives? In this sermon, Pastor Kyle shows how modeling our life on the generosity of Jesus, as well as recognizing all of life as a gift from him, gives us the gratitude to be generous ourselves. 

Kyle Brooks
Longing for Justice

We all long for justice to be done? But what exactly is justice? When does it apply and how is it different from revenge? In this sermon, we learn God’s vision for justice through the story of Noah and the coming of Jesus.

Kyle Brooks
Longing for Purpose

All of us gain our purpose from the story that our lives tell. And while so many of us who long for purpose are searching for a bigger part in that story, it may be that we actually need a bigger plot line. In this sermon, we learn why we need a purpose beyond becoming our best selves, having beautiful families, or even making a better world.

Kyle Brooks
Jesus is Passing By

Why did Zacchaeus want to see Jesus so bad anyway? What made him want to get up in that tree? Pastor Bernard takes us on an imaginative journey through Zacchaeus’ eyes in this Thanksgiving Sermon.

Kyle Brooks

Is gentleness just allowing yourself to be walked on, passively accepting injustice and powerlessness? Absolutely not. In this sermon, Catherine Evans-Smith shows us how if we follow the way of Jesus, we find a gentleness that is restrained power for the sake of both justice and mercy.

Kyle Brooks

If you want friendships that go deeper than a fun night out, a marriage that will stand the test of time, or just to get to the end of life with joy and gratitude, then you’ll need to learn faithfulness. In this sermon we learn from God what that looks like and how we can become more faithful people.

Kyle Brooks

What is kindness? Well, you probably already know what that looks like. But what is the ultimate act of kindness, and where do see that in real life? Pastor Bernard takes us on a journey with Philemon and Onesimus to show us what kindness at its best really means.


How do you become a patient person with yourself and with others? In this sermon, we explore wisdom from the book of James to learn how to become the patient people we want to be, but don’t often have the patience to become.

Kyle Brooks

We are in desperate need of peace in our world. But what does real peace between people look like? How can we have peace with each other, within ourselves and with God? Pastor Kyle shares some thoughts from an ancient controversy in the church. 


We all want to live a life full of joy. But where does true joy come from? How is it different from mere happiness? And how can you experience joy in every situation? Pastor Bernard dives into the second fruit of the Spirit to find out.


Pastor Kyle shares about the fruit of the Spirit of Love…the goal of most of our lives and the culmination of a connection to God.

Kyle Brooks
Into the Fabric of Oakland

What does it look like for a church to be woven into the fabric of a city? What does it look like for you, whether you are a local or a transplant, to be woven into the fabric of Oakland? In this sermon, Lead Pastor Bernard Emerson and Catherine Evans-Smith, an Oakland local and a transplant from the UK, take a deep dive into the book of Ruth to help us see how to live with generosity and humility in our neighborhoods.