We live in a culture of “interested” buttons and last minute texts, but Jesus teaches us to be people of integrity and faithfulness. What are the consequences of a life of “maybes” and how can we grow in the fruit of faithfulness? 


We all want to be good people. As we continue our journey through the fruit of the spirit, we are asking the question, “What is goodness? What does it look like to be truly good?“ Sometimes The easiest way to answer that is by looking at the opposite of goodness in our own tendencies, habits and personality. Pastor Bernard leads us in an in depth reflection of our own un-goodness and an appreciation of the goodness of God.


What is kindness? Well, you probably already know what that looks like. But what is the ultimate act of kindness, and where do see that in real life? Pastor Bernard takes us on a journey with Philemon and Onesimus to show us what kindness at its best really means.


Do you want deep and lasting relationships? Do you want a joy-filled and grateful attitude in life? Then you need patience. In this sermon, we explore the dangers of impatience, the nature of patience and how to grow in this critical fruit of the Spirit. 


We are in desperate need of peace in our world. But what does real peace between people look like? How can we have peace with each other, within ourselves and with God? Pastor Kyle shares some thoughts from an ancient controversy in the church. 


We all want to live a life full of joy. But where does true joy come from? How is it different from mere happiness? And how can you experience joy in every situation? Pastor Bernard dives into the second fruit of the Spirit to find out.


Love is one of the most beautiful and painful things we humans will ever do. It is one of the simplest and yet difficult to define words in our language. But why is Love so important to your relationship with God and how can you know whether you’re loving others well? In this first sermon in our new series on the fruit of the Spirit we talk about Love—how it is the “So what” of the Christian gospel and the summary of the entire list of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Into the Fabric of Oakland

What does it look like for a church to be woven into the fabric of a city? What does it look like for you, whether you are a local or a transplant, to be woven into the fabric of Oakland? In this sermon, Lead Pastor Bernard Emerson and Catherine Evans-Smith, an Oakland local and a transplant from the UK, take a deep dive into the book of Ruth to help us see how to live with generosity and humility in our neighborhoods.

Woven Together

Do you want real community in your life? What does it look like for a church to be truly woven together? In this second sermon on our identity statement, Pastor Kyle shows us from Acts chapter 2 what it looks like to be woven together in learning, friendship, communion and worship, and why creating habits around those is critical for Christian community. 

People of Many Cultures

Dr. King said that 11 o'clock on Sunday morning is the most segregated hour of the week. Tapestry Church's identity statement says, "We are people of many cultures woven together into the fabric of Oakland to display the beauty of God's story." In this first sermon in the series, Pastor Bernard shares from Acts 2 about what it means for the church to be filled with people of many cultures.

"The Forgiveness of Sins"

Jesus has a radical view of forgiveness. Do it every time, no matter how big the hurt, no matter how frequent the slight. He also seems to think we can't be forgiven unless we forgive. How is that possible if forgiveness is a free gift from God? And where do we get the power for this kind of radical forgiveness? Pastor Kyle opens up the parable of the ungrateful servant to answer these questions. 

Kyle Brooks
"The Holy Catholic Church, The Communion of Saints"

How can someone believe the Church as "holy" today when there has been so much suffering caused by the Church? What does it look like to be a part of genuine Christian community? For answers to these questions and more, listen to Catherine Evans-Smith teach us from John 17. 

Kyle Brooks
"The Holy Spirit"

The Christian understanding of the Holy Spirit is unique among world religions, and assures us that we are never alone. This sermon deals with some of our baggage around the Holy Spirit, who the Holy Spirit is and what his primary mission is in the world, in the church and in your life. 

Kyle Brooks
"He ascended into heaven..."

In this sermon, Pastor Bernard reminds us that no matter what we are going through, because Jesus ascended to heaven, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus himself, pleading our case. 

Kyle Brooks
"On the Third Day He Rose"

What if Jesus never rose from the dead? For Paul, it was a thought experiment that tested foundation of the Christian faith. For some of us, it’s a thought that crosses our doubting minds on a regular basis. In this sermon, we take that question seriously and find that we, and the world, would be completely different.

Kyle Brooks
"He Suffered"

In this sermon, we learn about how Jesus suffering, death and resurrection took a skeptic like Saul  and turned him into the Apostle Paul...and how Jesus can do the same for us too. 

Kyle Brooks
"Jesus Christ, His Only Son"

In this sermon, we dive into the uniqueness and power of Jesus to overcome the challenges, sufferings, and sin in our lives. We have a Savior that is almost completely like us and almost completely unlike us. 

Kyle Brooks
"Creator of Heaven and Earth"

In this third sermon, we discuss how important it is that God is God (all by himself) and how he creates out of the chaos. If there's chaos in your life right now, you might want to hear this. 

Kyle Brooks