Prayer Walk on June 2nd

Tapestry Church

As we prepare to become Tapestry church on June 3rd, there is no better way to prepare than to pray. The very first line of the prayer Jesus taught is "Our Father," a way of talking to God that emphasizes we all together are God's children and one family. Then Jesus, in John 17, prayed to the Father that we would all be one. Apparently, unity is important in prayer and prayer is important for unity. 

So as we come closer to the time of our unification, please pray. Pray that God would give us a love and compassion for each other that would surpass our differences of taste or preference. Pray that the Holy Spirit would inspire us toward new ways of serving out neighbors. Pray that the good news about Jesus would be obvious in our community so that the world would experience the goodness and beauty of God. 

And we would ask you to join us on Saturday Jun 2nd at 5:00pm at 2035 40th Ave for a Prayer Walk through the Fruitvale neighborhood, where we will gather to pray for the flourishing of the city of Oakland and our new neighbors in the Fruitvale.

Kyle Brooks