Hood Grace

A few years ago I came up with the phrase “Hood Grace.” I wanted the term to spark a movement in and around neighborhoods everywhere--especially in under-resourced areas where you’d think there were no redeeming qualities. I wanted “Hood Grace” to be a term that brought pride and ownership in those communities. Then our church came up with “Celebrating and Creating beauty in our neighborhood.” I thought, “We’re on to something! We are trekking the same way!” Celebrating beauty is finding grace in your hood.

That’s what it means to celebrate beauty. It’s walking around and taking note of the redeeming qualities in your hood. Have you walked through your neighborhood? Have you ever taken the time to notice the things that are good about it? I mean truly, the beautiful things about it. That’s “Hood Grace.” That’s celebrating beauty.  And I’m all for celebrations.

You know, there’s grace in every hood. You just have to look for it. In some cases you may have to look harder than others but it’s there. When you find it, celebrate it...because it’s beautiful.

Bernard Emerson