From San Quentin to Siafu: Introducing a Vision for Urban Church Planting

Let me tell you about James. James is a Christian and has been for many years. He’s completed 13 of the 16 modules that it takes to finish the Urban Ministry Institute. He’s written a book that he wishes to have published about Christian stewardship. And one more thing...James is a leader in the church inside San Quentin. He’ll be returning home in September and he’ll need a community to be a part of and one to walk with him. He’ll need a place where he can exercise his gift and live out his calling. That’s why we’re creating the Siafu Leadership Home. 

The Siafu Leadership Home will be a place where men like James can come to re-enter society. They will trained and discipled to plant urban churches around the the city. As part of World Impact’s I2I Initiative (Incarceration to Incorporation), the Siafu Leadership will serve a major effort to help men start fresh. World Impact has trusted Tapestry Church with the first of many homes to be duplicated nationwide. We’re excited about it! 

We have inherited a two story Victorian with lots of character to make this happen. We plan to get the house in tip top shape to give the men a sense of pride when they return home. August the 18thwe’ll have a “Demo Day” and on the 25th of the month we’re hosting a “Paint Party”. We need your help to make this happen! Sign up on our Facebook page for either day or both days. We’ll be glad to have the help and we’ll spring for food. I know James has a promising future...because a community of people pulled together to make his dream a reality.

Bernard Emerson