Why We All Need Beauty

Not long ago, I walked down a path in Big Sur feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, out of touch with my feelings, and wondering whether what I had been doing was making a difference. And then, like a revelation, these wildflowers jumped into my field of vision. Their petals practically glowed pink in their inner ring, transitioning to intense purple outer tips. 

Often the moments we remember for our entire life--the experiences that transform us, catch us up short, teach us an unexpected lesson, and stir up joy in us--are moments of beauty. 

The surprising beauty of the vegetation against the backdrop of the Big Sur coastline stopped me in my tracks and reminded me that I was ok. It reminded me that God is a Creator of beauty and goodness. I couldn’t stay in my anxiety because God’s Spirit had moved me into joy and hope. 

A theologian named Herman Bavinck once said, “Beauty is the harmony that still shines through the chaos in the world; by God’s grace, beauty is observed, felt, translated by artists; it is a prophecy and guarantee that this world is not destined for ruin but for glory — a glory for which there is a longing deep in every human heart.” 

Beauty instills hope. And hope is something we desperately need more of in this world. Hope increases resiliency. Hope decreases violence and crime. (In fact, studies have been done that show the presence of more trees in urban environments actually decreases violent crime.)  Hope keeps families together through trying times. It empowers us to face the challenges in our communities.

Beauty brings hope. And hope brings change. 

That’s why this year at Tapestry Church we are dedicating ourselves to Celebrating and Creating Beauty in Our Neighborhood. We’d love for you to join us on that journey. 

Kyle Brooks